Phytochemical and pharmacological Potential of Kair (Capparis Decidua)

Sushila Rathee, Permender Rathee, Dharmender Rathee, Deepti Rathee, Vikash Kumar


Capparis decidua (Forsk.) is belonging to family Capparidaceae, yet important medicinal plant of Indian Medicinal Plants. In the traditional system of medicine, the bark has been shown to be useful in the treatment of coughs, asthma and inflammation; roots used in fever and buds in the treatment of boils. In Unani, leaves act as appetizer, helps in cardiac troubles, fruits used in biliousness. The plant is reported to contain Phytochemicals including alkaloids, terpenoids, glycosides and some fatty acids. In Unani, leaves act as appetizer, helps in cardiac troubles, used in biliousness; alveolaris and pyorrhea; Root bark is used as anthelmintic and purgative. The plant have significant pharmacological activities like hypercholesterolemic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, antidiabeti, antimicrobial, antiplaque, antihypertensive, antihelmintic & purgativ activities. The review analyses phytochemical and pharmacological potential of medicinal plant (kair).

Keywords: Capparis decidua, traditional system of medicine, alkaloids, Phytochemical, Pharmacology.

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