Phyto-pharmacology of Momordica dioica Roxb. ex. Willd: A Review

Bhavana Bawara, Mukesh Dixit, N. S Chauhan, V. K. Dixit, D.K. Saraf


Momordica dioica Roxb. ex. Willd (Cucurbitaceae ) is commonly known as a biiter gourd. It is traditionally used as astringent, febrifuge, antiseptic, anthelmintic, spermicidal. Also Used in bleeding piles, urinary infection and as a sedative. Studies indicate that it possesses antioxidant, hepatoprotective, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-lipid peroxidative, hypoglycemic and analgesic properties.This review aims to highlight the ethnobotany, pharmacognostic and pharmacological uses of Momordica dioica

Keywords: Momordica dioica, Cucurbitaceae, phytochemical constituents, pharmacological actions, Parora , kakora

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