Tanvi Chincholkar, Tahir M Malla, Narayanan Ganesh


In the present paper, we provide an insight of the radioprotective potential of Adhatoda vasica leaf extract. Mice bone marrow cells were used as the test system. Animals were fed with 500mg/kg body wt. and 1000mg/kg body wt. of ethanolic extract of the plant prior to 9 Gray γ-radiation exposure and chromosomal aberration assay and micronucleus assay were performed. The frequency of chromosomal aberrations and micronuclei among different treatment groups and the controls was compared. The results revealed a significant decrease in the frequency of chromosomal aberrations as well as the micronucleus possessing cells in the groups pre-treated with A. vasica extract as compared to the untreated group. Better radioprotection was observed in 1000mg/kg-body wt. dosage group as compared to 500mg/kg-body-wt. dosage group. These findings were suggestive of radioprotective potential of A. vasica leaf extract.


Radioprotection, Adhatoda vasica, Chromosomal aberrations, Micronucleus

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