HPLC Method for Determination of p-coumaric acid from the Medicinal Herb Leptadinia reticulata

N. P. Geetha, Mahesh M, B. K. Bettadaiah, R. K. Kini, H. S. Prakash


The aim of present study was to develop and validate a simple, precise and rapid HPLC method for the quantification of p-coumaric acid in Leptadinia reticulata extractst. The analysis was performed by reverse-phase chromatography on an phenomenex C18 columns with isocratic elution of Methanol and 0.8%-Formic acid in water (6:4) at a flow rate of 1.0mL/min, a column temperature of 35°C, photodiode array detector detection at 326 nm. The method validated in terms of linearity accuracy precision LOD, LOQ and stability. The herb Leptidinia reticulata contains 0.17% p-coumaric acid. The linear range of method was 0.25-50µg/ml with correlation coefficient of 0.9993, the recovery was 98-99.4% and the relative standard deviation is 0.98 % (n=6). The developed method was found to be a relatively simple, precise and reproducible for the quantification of p-coumaric acid. The method does not employ any derivatization procedure and can be used as a quality control tool for the routine analysis of    p-coumaric acid from an herb Leptadinia reticulata.

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