Protective effect of Bixa orellana L. against radiation induced chromosomal aberration in Swiss albino mice

M. S. Karchuli, N Ganesh


Radioprotective effect of hydroalcoholic extract of seeds of Bixa orellana have been studied by examining chromosome aberration in cells of bone marrow in irradiated mice. Healthy adult Swiss mice were injected intraperitoneally (ip) with 500 mg kg–1 body weight, 1000 mg kg–1 of or double distilled water (DDW). They were exposed to whole body irradiation of 2.0 Gy gamma radiation 30 min later. After 24 h, chromosomal aberrations were studied in the bone marrow of the femur by routine metaphase preparation after colchicine treatment. Radiation (4.0 Gy) increased the number of aberrant cells from less than 1% in controls to almost 20%. Pre-treatment with the extract compounds resulted in a significant reduction in the percentage of aberrant metaphases as well as in the different types of aberration scored. The extract was not toxic at 1500 mg kg–1 body weight. Being non toxic and easily available natural source Bixa orellana extract may be use for as radioprotective for human beings.

Keywords: – radioprotective, Bixa orellana

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