Volatile constituents of Hypericum asperulum Jaub. & Spach aerial parts from Iran

Boshra Azadi


The essential oil composition of floweringaerial parts of  Iranian endemic Hypericumasperulum Jaub. & Spach (Hypericaceae) was analyzed for the first timeby gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS).Forty five compounds representing 97.8% of the total oil were identified. Themain components were γ-Muurolene (13.1%), α-Pinene (12.2%),Germacrene D (11.3%),  β-Caryophyllene(9.8%) and Spathulenol (7.2%). The volatile oil of Hypericum asperulumJaub. & Spach flowering aerial parts was characterized by high content ofsesquiterpene hydrocarbons  (57.4%).


Hypericum asperulum Jaub. & Spach; Hypericaceae; Essential oil; γ-Muurolene; α-Pinene

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