Sunil Kamboj, Vipin Saini, Nancy Maggon, Suman Bala, Vikas Jhawat


The objective of the study is to evaluate the potential of novel vesicular drug delivery systems for drug targeting. Novel vesicular drug delivery systems aim to deliver the drug at a rate directed by need of body during the period of treatment, and channel the active entity to the site of action. Vesicular drug delivery systems have been used to improve the therapeutic index, solubility, stability and rapid degradation of drug molecule. Thus a number of novel vesicular drug delivery systems have been developed that allow drug targeting and sustained or controlled release of drug. The focus of this review is to discuss various lipoidal and non-lipoidal vesicles with special emphasis on targeting of drugs.


Vesicular drug delivery systems, drug targeting, bioavailability enhancement, lipoidal and non-lipoidal biocarriers.

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