Simulation of a dipeptide Boc-Ile-Ile-NHMe as a drug carrier

Jaynthy C, Lavnaya G, N. Premjanu, Vignesh Rajamanickam, Dhivya S


Reverse micelles are discrete nanoscale particles composed of a water core surrounded by surfactant. In this current study the the self assembling properties of the dipeptide Boc-Ile-Ile-NHMe in chloroform to form a stable micelle at various temperatures ranging from 200 to 350 Kelvin has been analysed using insilico methods. The computational analysis was carried out using the steepest descent algorithm, a minimization tool used to study the protein energy level in insilco and it was compared with the thermodynamic parameters determined experimentally. Such reverse micelles finds a vast area of application one of which is drug delivery in nanotechnology. The present dipeptide is shown to carry drugs by insilico methods.


Key words: Reverse micelles, tetra peptide, minimization, drug delivery, nanotechnology



Reverse micelles, tetra peptide, minimization, drug delivery, nanotechnology

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