Fabrication of Chitosan/TPP Nano Particles as a Carrier Towards the Treatment of Cancer

Shanmuga Sundar Saravanabhavan, Rekha Bose, Sridhar Skylab, Sangeetha Dharmalingam


Cancer one of the deadliest disease and resistance of cancer cells has been the major issue in both the modern molecular targeted therapeutics as well as in the conventional chemotherapeutics. As on date chitosan has been the ideal choice as a carrier for delivering anticancer drugs like doxorubicin and cisplatin for targeted delivery. The present study focusses on the fabrication of chitosan nanoparticles using TPP by ionic gelation method loaded with 5-FU, an anticancer drug. The morphology of the nanoparticles synthesized were analysed using SEM and the size, zeta potential using particle size analyser. The mechanism of drug release was studied by fitting the release kinetics with Peppas model. Cellular uptake of the drug was analysed and using MTT the cytotoxicity & metabolic activity of the normal and the cancerous cells were evaluated. Results of the study showed that the synthesized nanoparticles possessed a positive charge and the release of the drug was through diffusion and degradation mediated. Also the cellular uptake of the drug showed the amount of drug uptake reduced with the cancerous cell as the time increase which was further confirmed using the MTT assay which showed the metabolic activity of the cancerous cell got reduced. The results of the study showed that the fabricated nanoparticles could potentially be used as a carrier towards the treatment of cancer.


Chitosan; 5-FU; Cancer; MTT

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