Solubility Enhancement of Water Insoluble Drug for Ophthalmic Formulation

Sunisha Kulkarni, Surya Prakash Gupta, Neeraj Upmanyu, S.D. Tonpay


Product development of ophthalmic preparations has received considerable attention in the last few years. With the increasing emphasis on their sterility, some of the differences between them and parenteral preparations are becoming less evident. Both classes of preparations employ similar added substances and manufacturing procedures. The successful formulation of poorly water-soluble drugs is one of the major problems in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Poorly water-soluble drugs, such as indomethacin, may show low and erratic oral bioavailability due to poor dissolution of the drug in the fluids of the gastrointestinal tract. Indomethacin is a water insoluble drug, so problems of formulating an aqueous eye-drop are well known. Moreover, unstability of Indomethacin aqueous preparations is also a great challenge. In this research work, considering pharmacological importance of drug Indomethacin, we tried to overcome the problem of poor water solubility by making a salt of it and thus formulating an aqueous ophthalmic preparation.

Keywords: ophthalmic preparation, indomethacin salt, aqueous eye drops, poor water soluble drugs.


ophthalmic preparation; indomethacin salt; aqueous eye drops; poor water soluble drugs.

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