Formulation & Development of Gastroretentive Optimized Once A Day Floating Bioadhesive Tablet of Ofloxacin

ashish pawar, Darshan Narendra Lalwani, Deelip Vishram Derle


A novel extended release Ofloxacin tablet formulation which possesses a unique combination of floatation and bioadhesion for prolonged residence in the stomach has been developed. Ofloxacin is mainly absorbed from proximal areas of the gastrointestinal tract thus the purpose of our study was formulation of floating‐bioadhesive (FBDDS) tablets to increase the stay period of drug in its absorption area and decrease the dosing interval by increasing the bioavailability. Floating‐bioadhesive tablets were prepared by direct compression technique using polymer like Hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose (HPMC K100M), Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose (SCMC), Ethyl cellulose & Sodium bicarbonate in different ratios. As the concentration of HPMC increased, drug release was found tobe decreased and vice versa in case of SCMC. Sustained drug release with floating duration up to 24hrs and high bioadhesive strength was observed in case of Optimized formulation. The swollen tablet also maintains its physical integrity during the drug release study. Formulations were evaluated for in vitro drug release profile, swelling characteristics and in vitro bioadhesion property. The in vitro drug release followed Higuchi kinetics and the drug release mechanism was found to be of anomalous or non-fickian type and both diffusion and erosion.


Ofloxacin; FBDDS; Factorial design; optimized

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