Self Emulsifying Drug Delivery System: A Gentle Approach for drug delivery

Anoop Patel, Neha Sharma, Anoop Kumar


Oral route still remains the favorite route of drug administration in many diseases because it is very suitable for drug delivery and non invasive. Till today it attracts to many researchers for investigation in the development of new dosage forms. The major problem in oral drug formulations is low and erratic bio-availability due to less water solubility and permeability of the drug across the biological membrane. This may arise high inter and intra subject variability due to lack of dose proportionality and therapeutic failure. It is estimated that 40% of new active constituents which are investigated recently show poor water solubility due to their lipophilic nature.  The improvement of bio-availability of these drugs with such properties presents one of the greatest challenges in drug formulations. Several technologies are used for overcome these problems including micronization, solid dispersions, cyclodextrins complex formation and different lipid based drug delivery systems. Self-emulsifying drug delivery system is one the most important and advanced technology for enhancing the oral bio-availability as well reducing in dose. This system also gained attraction for enabling more consistent drug absorption, selective targeting of drugs in GIT, and protection of drugs from the inner environment of gut.


Self micro emulsifying drug delivery system, surfactant, oil, co-surfactant

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