Effect of Penetration Enhancer DMSO on In-Vitro Skin Permeation of Acyclovir Transdermal Microemulsion Formulation

Brajesh Kumar, S. K. Jain, S.K. Prajapati


The aim of this research was to enhance the flux of transdermal drug delivery by using penetration enhancers DMSO. Skin penetration enhancers have been used to improve bioavailability and increase the range of drugs for which topical and transdermal delivery is a viable option which penetrate into skin to reversibly decrease the barrier resistance. Penetration enhancing activity of dimethylsulphoxide (DMSO) at 5% w/w and 10% w/w concentration were determined in aqueous solution of ACV and in microemulsion formulations though calculation of transdermal flux of ACV with Keshary Chein Frenz Diffusion cell by using wistar albino rat skin. The transdermal flux of formulations PD, PD5D, PD10D, ME1 and ME10D was found to be 2.47, 50.7529, 119.7691, 238.1432 and 266.6721μg/cm2/h. The flux of microemulsion formulation ME10D was found 266.6721± 8.49 μg/cm2/h. Which showed highest value and skin flux of the drug could be enhanced up to 107 fold compared to its aqueous solution by preparing microemulsion ME10D. DMSO in microemulsion formulation is safe to the skin at 10% DMSO w/w.

Keywords: DMSO, Penetration enhancer, Ethanol, Transdermal Microemulsion, Acyclovir (ACV)


DMSO, Penetration enhancer, Ethanol, Transdermal Microemulsion, Acyclovir (ACV)

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