Niosomes as vesicular carriers for delivery of proteins and biologicals

Shilpa Shilpa, B P Srinivasan, Meenakshi Chauhan


Over the past several years, treatment of infectious diseases and immunization has undergone a paradigm shift. Stemming from the nanobiotechnology research, not only a large number of disease-specific biologicals have been developed, but also enormous efforts have been made to effectively deliver these biologicals. Niosomes are vesicular systems prepared from self-assembly of hydrated non-ionic surfactants. Opinions of the usefulness of niosomes in delivery of proteins and biologicals range from unsubstantiated optimism to undeserved pessimism. This article reviews the current deepening and widening of interest of niosomes in many scientific disciplines, and their application in medicine particularly for the delivery of proteins (insulin, cyclosporine, bacitracin, trypsin), vaccines and antigens (bovine serum albumin, antigen tetanus toxoid, haemagglutinin). This article also presents an overview of techniques of noisome preparation, characterization of niosomes and their applications.

Keywords: Niosomes, Proteins, Biologicals, Vaccines, Oral delivery


Niosomes, Proteins, Biologicals, Vaccines, Oral delivery

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