Stability studies of nano-cream containing piroxicam

Muthanna F. Abdulkarim, Ghassan Zuhair Abdullah, Mallikarjun Chitneni, Elrashid Saleh Mahdi, Mun Fei Yam, Ahmed Faisal, Ibrahim M. Salman, Omar Ziad Ameer, Mohanad N Sahib, Munavvar Zubaid Abdulsattar, Mahiran Basri, Azmin Mohd Noor


The aim of this study is to study the stability of the nano-cream formula containing the newly synthesized palm oil esters when stored for reasonable storage duration. The prepared 0.5% piroxicam nano-cream formula contained phosphate buffer as external phase, palm oil esters as the oil phase and a combination of (80:20) of Tween 80 and Span 20 as emulsifier at a ratio of 37:25:38, respectively. Piroxicam is a hydro-lipophobic drug. Stability on storage is an important aspect which ensures the dosage form can exert the effects it is supposed to exert for the duration of storage. Droplets size, electrical conductivity, drug content, pH and rheological parameters are the parameters that have been assessed under different temperature to evaluate the stability of nano-cream preparation. Thus, experiments which measure the above parameters were conducted at storage temperatures of 4, 25 and 40οC.The data obtained from the stability study conducted on nano-cream formula showed that this formulation was stable for the whole 3 months period of the study when stored at tested several temperatures.

Keywords: Palm oil esters; Nonionic surfactant; Piroxicam; Nano-cream


Palm oil esters; Nonionic surfactant; Piroxicam; Nano-cream

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