Prospective observational study of vancomycin injection in SLED patient of ethnic Indians

Rakesh Das, Subhabrata Dutta Gupta, Tapan Kumar Pal


As the Vancomycin is itself a nephrotoxic antibiotics, so it is sometime recommended to the Slow-low Efficiency Dialysis (SLED) patients against highly resisted infection. In this case, the dose monitoring is strictly maintained after Intravenous injection. The collected blood was analyzed for its concentration in HPLC for 11 patients and the half life was evaluated to study Therapeutic drug monitoring. The T1/2 of evaluated vancomycin is 39.12+ 6.81 hrs. The mean of the systemic clearance is 16.91+6.99 and mean Vd is 0.57+ 0.147. Comparatively the reported study of Mean + SD of half-life, volume of distribution, and systemic clearance were 43.1 + 21.6 hours, 0.84 L/kg + 0.17 L/kg, and 24.3 mL/min + 8.39 mL/min respectively. Thus the t-test of the means was 0.5828, degree of freedom (df) was 20, standard error of difference was 6.829 and so, the two-tailed P value is 0.5665 i.e. P > 0.5. In ethnic Indian SLED patients, T1/2 of mean + SD of 39.12 + 6.81 hrs was compared to the Caucasian patients i.e, 43.1 + 21.6 hrs. And the t-test and P-value is 0.5828 & 0.5665 respectively. Thus it was concluded that the half-life of ethnic Indian patients is less in compare to Caucasians but this difference is not so significant. The half-life of ethnic 8 patients is less than 40 out of 11 patients.

Keywords: Vancomycin assay; Slow-low efficiency dialysis; Pharmacokinetic analysis; Ethnic indians


Vancomycin assay; Slow-low efficiency dialysis; Pharmacokinetic analysis; Ethnic indians

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