Solid lipid nanoparticles in cancer therapy

Vineet Mathur, Yamini Satrawala, Mithun Singh Rajput, Piyush Kumar, Pankaj Shrivastava, Akhilesh Vishvkarma


The use of solid lipid nanoparticles in medicine and more specifically drug delivery is set to spread rapidly. Currently many substances are under investigation for drug delivery and more specifically for cancer therapy technology is the latest trend in the cancer therapy. It helps the pharmacist to formulate the product with maximum therapeutic value and minimum or negligible range side effects. Cancer is a class of disorders characterized by abnormal growth of cells that proliferate in an uncontrolled way and a major disadvantage of anticancer drugs is their lack of selectivity for tumor tissue, which causes severe side effects and results in low cure rates. Thus, it is very hard to target the abnormal cells by the conventional method of the drug delivery system. In harmony with these approaches, this review’s basic approach is that the defining features of solid lipid nanoparticles are embedded in their breakthrough potential for patient care. This review article describes the possible way to exploit solid lipid nanoparticle technology to targeted drug therapy in cancer. We looked at the usefulness of solid lipid nanoparticles as a tool for cancer therapy.

Keywords: Cancer therapy; Solid lipid nanoparticles; Quantum dots.


Cancer therapy; Solid lipid nanoparticles; Quantum dots.

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