Methoxsalen loaded chitosan coated microemulsion for effective treatment of psoriasis

Jitendra Behera, Raj K. Keservani, Arvind Yadav, Meenendra Tripathi, Anoop Chadoker


Methoxsalen has been used for the treatment of psoriasis. In order to develop alternative formulations for the topical administration of methoxsalen, chitosan coated microemulsion were evaluated as delivery vehicle. Microemulsions were prepared using water, soyabean oil. Egg phosphatidylcholine, ethanol and coated with chitosan. They were characterized for shape and surface morphology, droplet size and size distribution, zeta potential, pH and viscosity. The ability of the system to deliver into the skin was evaluated using dialysis membrane and human cadaver skin. The in vitro permeation data showed that the novel system cumulative amount released was 18.75 % lesser than the microemulsion. These studies clearly show that methoxsalen loaded chitosan-coated microemulsion provides control release of methoxsalen with retention on the skin. Therefore may be appropriate vehicle for topical delivery of methoxsalen.

Keywords: Microemulsions; Soyabean; Methoxsalen; Chitosan


Microemulsions; Soyabean; Methoxsalen; Chitosan

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