An engineered specificity of Irinotecan loaded Proniosomes: Design and Characterization

Prakash s Goudanavar, Vijay G. Joshi


The aim of this investigation was to prepare, characterize and optimize the irinotecan loaded proniosomes for overall improvement in the efficacy, reduced toxicity and enhancement of therapeutic index of irinotecan. Proniosomes of Irinotecan hydrochloride trihydrate were prepared by slurry method using different surfactants, cholesterol and dicetyl phosphate. The formulations were then characterized with respect to shape and surface morphology, entrapment efficiency, invitro drug release profile, invivo drug targeting studies and stability under specific conditions. The formulated proniosomes were smoother indicating a thin and uniform coating over maltodextrin powder. The highest entrapment efficiency was found in formulation F4 with 74.23±3.1%. Highest cumulative percent drug release was observed with formulation F1 with 98.19% in 24 h. The in vivo result of formulated proniosomes of Irinotecan hydrochloride trihydrate reveals that the drug is preferentially targeting to liver followed by lungs and spleen.

The results of investigation demonstrated that proniosomes offers an alternative colloidal carrier approach in achieving drug targeting. The results obtained for the present study clearly revealed that proniosomes containing irinotecan are retained at targeted sites and are capable of releasing there drug for the extended period of time.


Pharmaceutics; Drug Delivery

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