Chitosan nanoparticles as Carrier of Immunorestoratory plant extract: synthesis, characterization and Immunorestoratory efficacy

Aruna Bhatia, Pankaj Shard, Dimple Chopra, Tulika Mishra


Various medicinal plants are rich in certain bioactive compounds that can help in restoration of immune system but these compounds may be unstable in gastro intestinal tract due to elevated pH and harsh conditions that render the biotherapeutic compound ineffective in GI tract. Various particulate systems such as nanoparticles had been used to improve the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of various drugs. In our present research we have used chitosan, a biodegradable polymer as carrier of plant extract (i.e Ethanolic extract of leaves of Ziziphus mauritiana) having immunomodulatory property and checked its immunorestorative efficacy in immunosuppressed hostIt was found that the oral administration of leaf extract of plant loaded in chitosan nanoparticles is an efficient immunorestorer in Swiss albino mice whose immune system had been suppressed by giving intraperitoneal injection of hydrocortisone(10mg/Kg body weight).The nanoparticles system enhances stability in harsh conditions in GI tract and may be a better vehicle in future for efficient drug delivery.

Keywords: Chitosan, nanoparticles, immunorestoration, Ziziphus mauritiana, Hydrocortisone, Immunosuppression


Chitosan, nanoparticles, immunorestoration, Ziziphus mauritiana, Hydrocortisone, Immunosuppression

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