Extended release matrix pellets: preparation and compression into disintegrating tablet

Raveendra Pai, Kanchan Kohli


The study involves a newer approach of compression of matrix pellets into disintegrating tablet to overcome the rupture of polymer coat during compression of reservoir type pellets. Matrix pellets containing Sodium alginate (Kelton LV CR) at a level of 10, 20 and 30 %w/w was prepared by extrusion/spheronization technique. Sertraline hydrochloride was used as model drug and in vitro release profile of 12 h was targeted. Calcium chloride was used either by granulating the sodium alginate containing blend with 10% w/w solution or by pouring the wet pellets into saturated solution of calcium chloride. Tablets containing pellets were prepared by direct compression process. Acceptance value was used employed to evaluate the uniformity of drug content. In vitro drug release from alginate containing pellets was complete within 4 h and the desired release profile could be achieved only from pellets treated with calcium chloride. The drug release from the uncompressed pellet and compressed tablet was identical, as each pellet was behaving like a monolithic mini matrix system. Scanning electron micrographs of the tablet indicated the uniform distribution of the pellets within the diluent blend. Scanning electron micrographs of the pellets obtained after completion the dissolution test were found to be left with empty sac like structure releasing the drug indicating anomalous type drug release.Matrix pellets containing sodium alginate could be prepared by extrusion spheronization technique which can be an alternative approach in preparing disintegrating tablets from pellets.

Keywords: Extrusion/spheronization, Matrix pellets, Acceptance value, MUPS Tablets.


Extrusion/spheronization, Matrix pellets, Acceptance value, MUPS Tablets.

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