Current Aspects and Therapies for Wound healing

Harvinder Popli, Reena Badhwar



Injury to the skin provides a new challenge, as wound healing is a complex and intricate process. Nonhealing wounds represent a significant cause of morbidity and mortality for a large portion of the population. Delayed wound healing is one of the major therapeutic and economic issues in medicine today. Wound healing requires a concerted effort of remodeling of various components of the connective tissue in the presence of appropriate cytokines and growth factors. Unfortunately we still do not understand the actual mechanism of wound healing. This review is an effort to provide information about current challenges of wound healing and their management, recent advances in wound care technology and current management guidelines for the treatment of wounds and ulcers. Various steps like microbial control, subsidence of inflammation, regeneration of connective tissue, angiogenesis and epithelialisation should take place in a time-bound sequence. The development of new and effective interventions in Wound care remains an area of intense research.


Non healing wounds and ulcer, current challenges, mechanism, cytokines, growth factors.

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