Development and validation of analytical methods for the simultaneous estimation of Nimorazole and Ofloxacin in tablet dosage form

A P Ghugare, Lalchand Dayanand Devhare, B P Hatwar



Two simple, rapid, accurate and precise spectrophotometric methods have been developed for simultaneous estimation of Nimorazole and Ofloxacin from tablet dosage form. Method І involves formation of ‘simultaneous equations’ at 304 nm (λ max of Nimorazole) and 287.5 nm (λ max of Ofloxacin); while Method ІІ involves, formation of ‘Absorbance ratio equation’ at 301(isoabsorptive point) and 287.5 nm (λ max of Ofloxacin) using distilled water as a solvent. The linearity was observed in the concentration range of 5 - 25 μg/ml for Nimorazole and 2 - 10 μg/ml for Ofloxacin. The results of analysis have been validated statistically and by recovery studies and were found satisfactory.


Ofloxacin, Nimorazole, Simultaneous equation method, Absorbance ratio method

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