Method development for determination of water content from various materials by spectrophotometry and it’s validation

L D Devhare, A P Ghugare, B P Hatwar, D Goupale


A simple, sensitive and accurate UV-Spectrophotometric method for the estimation of water in various organic solvent (pyridine, methanol and DMSO) and its validation by spectrophotometry has been developed and compared with Karlfischer method. standard solution of water in Pyridine , methanol and DMSO was scanned over the range of 800-400 nm in spectrum mode of spectrophotometer at medium scanning speed using U.V spectrophotometer 1600 lambda max of water was found was found to be 450nm, 420nm and 438 nm in pyridine, methanol and DMSO. Three standard solution of water obeyed the Beer-Lambert’s law and were found to be linear over the concentration range of 1-5 μg/ml. validation of method was done by spectroscopy., Percentage recoveries for pyridine, methanol and DMSO were found to be 99.58,99.71 and 99.92. 


Water, pyridine, methanol and DMSO,UV-Spectrophotometric method

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