Preparation and evaluation of mouth dissolving tablets of meloxicam

Prashant Khemariya, Kavita R. Gajbhiye, Vikas Deep Vaidya, Rajesh Singh Jadon, Sachin Mishra, Amit Shukla, Mohit Bhargava, Sanjay K. Singhai, Sanjay Goswami


The aim of the present study was to develop evaluate mouth dissolving tablet of meloxicam. Drug delivery systems became sophisticated as pharmaceutical scientists acquire a better understanding of the physicochemical and biochemical parameters pertinent to their performance. Over the past three decades, mouth dissolving or orally disintegrating tablets have gained considerable attention as a preferred alternative to conventional tablets due to better patient compliance. The most preferrable route of drug administration (e.g. oral) is limited to drug candidate that show poor permeability across the gastric mucosa and those, which are sparingly soluble. A large majority of the new chemical entities and many new existing drug molecules are poorly soluble, thereby limiting their potential uses and increasing the difficulty of formulating bioavailable drug products,so lastlly the purpose of this study was to grow mouth dissolve tablets of Meloxicam. Meloxicam is a newer selective COX-1 inhibitor. These tablets were prepared by wet granulation procedure. The tablets were evaluated for % friability, wetting time and disintegration time. Sublimation of camphor from tablets resulted in better tablets as compared to the tablets prepared from granules that were exposing to vacuum. The systematic formulation approach helped in understanding the effect of formulation processing variables.

Keywords: Mouth dissolving tablet; Maloxicam; Bioavailability; NSAID


Mouth dissolving tablet; Maloxicam; Bioavailability; NSAID

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