Histological and mucoadhesion studies on transpalatal mucoadhesive disks of Rosiglitazone maleate

Ashok K. Shakya, N.V. Satheesh Madhav, Pragati Shakya


The present research is aimed to develop a mucoadhesive drug delivery system exhibiting a unique combination of mucoadhesion and controlled drug release in systemic manner to prolong residence in the soft palatal mucosa using rosiglitazone maleate as a model drug. In this study, a mucoadhesive disks formulation for palatal delivery were designed using a simplex lattice design with a mixture of various mucoadhesive polymers (Cp, SCMC, or HPMC, Guar gum and DPP), followed by optimization of the evaluation parameters was employed to get final optimized formulation. In vitro mucoadhesion and mucoretentability property of the formulated disks were examined and histological study was carried out to examine an ex-vivo interaction between the disks and tissue. The optimized F-11 composition showed a force of adhesion  (N)  > 3   and a mucoadhesion time >12 hours with zero order release profile as best fit model closer to the target release profile and followed  anomalous  mediated release of rosiglitazone maleate .The different concentration of mucoadhesive polymer significantly affects the drug release rate, force of adhesion and mucoretentability characteristics of the disks. No more histological changes were observed in the excised palatal mucosa after 12 h contact with the disks  Conclusion: This kind of disks extends the residence time of a dosage form at a particular site and controlling the release of drug in systemic manner from the dosage form and  useful especially for achieving controlled plasma level of the drug as well as improving bioavailability with  reduced side effects.


Mucoadhesive drug delivery systems

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