Biosynthesise, Characterization and Antibacterial activity of Silver nanoparticles by Soil fungi Pencillium sps.

Goula Swathi, Ayla Sridevi, A Sandya, Bellam Praveen, Golla Narasimha


Microbial synthesis of nanoparticles is an eco-friendly green chemistry approach that correlates with nanotechnology and microbial biotechnology. Exposure of fungal biomass to aqueous 1Mm AgNO3 solution resulted in the reduction of the metal ions by the nitrate reductase enzyme present in the cell wall membranes and formation of silver nanoparticles. Synthesized silver nanoparticles were characterized using UV-visible spectroscopy, SEM, TEM and FTIR analysis. The synthesed silver nanoparticles were exhibited an excellent antibacterial activities against both Gram negative and Gram positive pathogenic bacterial strains which causes the diseases in human beings


Silver nanoparticles. Biological synthesis, Characterization, antibacterial activity

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