Comparison of Freeze Drying and Spray Drying Methods of Haruan Extract

febriyenti febriyenti, Noratiqah Mohtar, Nornisah Mohamed, Mohammad Razak Hamdan, Shahrizan Najib Md Salleh, Saringat bin Bai @ Baie


Haruan extract has a big potential as an active pharmaceutical ingredient for various medical conditions. However, instability of the liquid extract at room temperature has been a hindrance in the formulation stage of the preparation. Thus, dried Haruan extract has been produced using freeze drying and spray drying methods. In the spray drying method, a prototype of a spray dryer equipped with an ultrasonic atomizer was used with a different ultrasonic frequency. The spray dried extract showed better physical properties when compared to the freeze dried extract; with smaller size and narrower particle size distribution in the higher ultrasonic frequency. Voluminous flakes of the dried extract were produced in the freeze drying method while spray drying method produced almost spherical shape of particles. No structural changes in the secondary protein structure were seen regardless of the method.


Haruan; Channa striatus; freeze dry; ultrasonic atomizer spray dryer

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