Panner Selvam, Parthasarathi K Kulkarni


The objective of the present research was to enhance the solubility of poorly water soluble antiretroviral drug i.e. efavirenz, by self nanoemulsifying drug delivery system (SNEDDS) and formulating it as tablets using 23 factorial designs. The SNEDDS were prepared using labrafac PG (15%) as oil, Tween 80 (19%) as surfactant and PEG 200 (38%) as co surfactant that yields the globule size of 142.7nm. The liquid SNEDDS were adsorbed onto aerosil which acts as carrier. The SEM of S-SNEDDS appeared as smooth-surfaced particles without any crystalline shape, indicating complete adsorption of SNEDDS. The absence of drug peak in S-SNEDDS thermogram was attributable to presence of drug in molecularly dissolved state in the vicinity of the lipid excipients. The 23 factorial designs were employed to optimize the concentration of Micro crystalline cellulose, PVP and sodium starch glycollate. The observed values were in close agreement with the predicted values thereby validating the feasibility of the optimization procedure in developing self nanoemulsifying tablets. The relative bioavailability of the S SNEDDS and pure drug were 388.49% and 95.39%, respectively. This confirms that the solubility of the drug has been increased leading to increase in the bioavailability of efavirenz.



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