Comparative pharmacokinetic study of two prokinetic drugs in the form of buccal gels against their market products

Ossama Mohamed Sayed, Adel Ahmed Ali, Moahmmed Ahmed El-Nabarawi, Ahmed Abdel Bary


This study was to investigate the efficiency of buccal dosage forms to deliver poor orally absorbed drugs. Two buccal gel formulations containing two gastrokinetic drugs with low oral bioavailability; domperidone and mosapride citrate; were tested against their market products. Twenty-four volunteers were enrolled in this study divided into two groups in a single dose, two treatment and two periods cross over design. Both buccal formulations achieved high relative bioavailabilities (Frel) compared to the market products where buccal gel of domperidone achieved Frel of 202% and buccal gel of mosapride citrate achieved 162%. The study reveals the importance of the buccal route for administration of poorly absorbed drugs from the gastrointestinal tract.


Prokinetic, buccal, transcutol, penetration, area under the plasma concentration – time profile, elimination rate constant.

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