Comparison of different nano biocomposites of neomycin with marketed ointment by in-vitro and in-vivo evaluations

Maravajala Vidyavathi, Vottikuti Swathi, T.N.V.K.V Prasad, R V Suresh kumar


Nano drug delivery systems have rapid onset of action with enhanced therapeutic efficacy, decreased dose of the drug and decreased toxic effects when compared to conventional drug delivery systems. Hence neomycin is formulated into nanoparticles in order to increase the therapeutic efficacy, decrease the dose of drug and to decrease the topical dose related toxic effects. Hence the present work was aimed at the preparation of zinc nanoparticles (NP1), chitosan nanoparticles (NP2), different zinc chitosan neomycin nanoparticles (NP3,NP4,NP5,NP6,NP7,NP8) by altering the concentrations of chitosan and neomycin used in the formulation in order to optimise the composition. Nanoparticles were prepared by subjecting the nanosuspension containing the specified ingredients to stirring at 40оC for 4-5 hr. The prepared nanoparticles were evaluated for particle size and surface morphology by Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), mean particle size and particle size distribution by zeta sizer, percentage yield, loading efficiency, in-vitro drug release by diffusion technique and agar cup plate method and invivo wound healing activity. Among all the prepared zinc chitosan neomycin nanoparticles NP6 was found to possess maximum in-vitro drug release and antimicrobial activity. This may be due to the synergistic effect of all the ingredients i.e zinc, chitosan and neomycin present in the formulation. Hence zinc chitosan neomycin nanoparticles NP6 was subjected to in-vivo studies and compared with marketed neomycin ointment (nemozin). The wound healing was found to be more in group treated with ointment prepared with zinc chitosan neomycin nanoparticles compared to group treated with marketed neomycin ointment(nemozin) containing double the concentration of neomycin of NP6. Thus, the present work suggested that NP6 (0.2%) was found to be the best formulation of neomycin containing less than half of the concentration of neomycin of nemozin ointment(0.5%) as it shown equal invivo activity to nemozin ointment as this reduces the side effects, increases efficacy at low doses of drug compared to conventional formulations of neomycin.


Chitosan, Zinc nano particles, Neomycin, Zinc chitosan neomycin, ointment, wound healing.

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