Simple and sensitive method development and validation of Econazole in human plasma by RP-HPLC

Muralidharan Selvadurai, Adrian chow tyng Choong, Heng Yi lian Lian, Tan Hooi Xian, Teoh Hui Pin, Wong Chiaw Chien, Sokkalingam Arumugam Dhanaraj


A simple and accurate method was developed for the validation of the Econazole using Fluconazole as internal standard with short time of 10 minutes .Optimization of chromatography technique was used during the preparation of this analysis.  The method carried out using reversed phase of HPLC. Chromatography using Phenomenex Luna C18 Column (250mm x 4.6mm i.d, 5µm) as the stationary phase and mobile phase of solvent A and B of 0.5% Triethylamine at pH 6.5 and Acetonitrile at pH 3.5. Wavelength was fixed at 260nm and flow rate at 0.6mL/min. Validation studies was achieved by using the fundamental parameters, including accuracy, precision, selectivity, sensitivity, linearity and range, stability studies, limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantitation (LOQ). Retention time obtained for Econazole and Fluconazole are 7.7 minutes and 5.18 minutes. It shows recovery at 93.5% which is more precise and accurate compared to the other Econazole method. Hence, a simple and accurate method of validation of Econazole in drug free plasma was developed and validated.


Pharmaceutical chemistry

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