Formation, drug-release kinetics and solution-stability of N-acetyl-N-carboxymethyl chitosan nanoparticles as potential drug carriers

Helen Priscila Bassani, Francine Valenga, Maria Rita Sierakowski, Rilton Alves de Freitas


Nano-aggregates of N-acetyl-N-carboxymethyl chitosan (NCac) were studied at 0.5 mg.mL-1 using pyrene fluorimetry analysis in 0.1 mol.L-1 phosphate buffer (pH 7.4). The size and morphology of the aggregates were determined by dynamic light scattering and atomic force microscopy. The stability of the particles for periods up to 20 h in buffer was determined. Camptothecin was entrapped in the particles using various methods and the rate constant for drug release (k) was determined. Lower k values indicate strong interactions between the drug and the hydrophobic core of the polymeric micelles.


N-acetyl-N-carboxymethyl chitosan; nanoaggregation; nanoparticle; light-scattering (dynamic); stability, controlled release.

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