Effect of calcium phosphate compound (MZF-CaP) with and without fluoride in preventing bone loss in ovariectomized rats

Tomoko Ito, Racquel Z LeGeros, Manami Takemasa, Yoshihiro Tokudome, Tomohiro Uchino, Atsuo Ito, Makoto Otsuka


Zinc (Zn) has been shown to inhibit osteoclast differentiation, promote osteoblast activity, and enhance the bone formation. Zinc-containing calcium phosphate (Zn-TCP) implanted in rabbit femoral defect was demonstrated to stimulate bone formation. Other studies demonstrated that calcium phosphate compounds (MZF-CaP) incorporating magnesium (Mg2+), zinc and fluoride (F-) when administered either by injection or orally were effective in preventing bone loss (osteoporosis) induced by estrogen deficiency (ovariectomy) in a rat model. The objective of the present study was to investigate the preventive effect of similar compound, with F (MZF-CaP-L, MZF-CaP-H) and without F (MZ-CaP-L), when injected in ovariectomized (OVX) rats. MZF-CaP-L and MZ-CaP-L were prepared by precipitation at 90oC and MZF-CaP-H was prepared by sintering MZF-CaP-L at 900oC. The release of the ions from acidic buffer was determined. Suspensions of Zn-TCP, MZF-CaP-H, MZF-CaP-L and MZ-CaP-L (617 μg in 0.2 ml of 1% sodium alginate saline solution) were injected intramuscularly under anesthesia into 5-week-old OVX rats on Zn-deficient diet. One week after surgery, bone mineral density (BMD) and bone mineral content (BMC) of the rat femurs were measured using X-ray CT. The injections and X-ray CT and Zn ion plasma measurements were repeated every week for 12 weeks. The rats were sacrificed and the femurs removed after 12 weeks. Bone mechanical strength was evaluated using the three-point bending test. MZ-CaP-L (without F), compared to the other compounds, showed the highest increase in the Zn2+ ion plasma concentration, and the highest BMD, BMC and mechanical strength.


Calcium phosphate; crystallinity; Osteoporosis; Zinc; Fluorine

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