Solid Dispersions of Poorly Water Soluble Drug Using Spray Drying Technique

sunita sakharam shinde, Patil Manisha V, Patil Manisha V, Amol Shete S, Amol Shete S, Disouza J I, Disouza J I, Atpadikar Pranit, Atpadikar Pranit


The basic objectives of this study were to prepare and characterize solid dispersions of poorly water-soluble drug fluconazole using hydrophilic carriers by spray drying technique. In the present study, a spray drying technique has been used to prepare solid dispersions with hydrophilic carriers, mainly  PVP K30and porous carrier Aerosil 200 are used Solid dispersions in the form of spray dried powder were characterized in comparison with pure drug and corresponding physical mixtures in the same ratios by SEM, IR, DSC, and XRPD studies. The absence of fluconazole peaks in XRPD profiles of solid dispersions suggests the transformation of crystalline fluconazole into an amorphous form.  the absence of fluconazole peak in DSC curves of solid dispersions. The DRIFTS spectra revealed the presence of hydrogen bonding in solid dispersions. The in vitro dissolution test showed a significant increase in the dissolution rate of solid dispersions as compared with pure fluconazole, spray-dried fluconazole, and physical mixtures of drug with hydrophilic carriers. It may be concluded that solid dispersions of the purely water-soluble drug fluconazole were successfully prepared by spray drying using hydrophilic carriers


Fluconazole; PVP; Spray drying; Solid dispersion; Dissolution enhancement

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