Muthuraman Pandurangan, Muthuviveganandhavel Veerappan, Muthu Suriamurthy, Vikramathithan Jeyaraman, Ravikumar Sambandam, Srikumar Kotteazeth




The chronic effect of use of the plant oxysterol homobrassinolide, a brassinosteroid isoform, was investigated employing tissues of albino wistar strain male rats. Changes in tissue protein content and histopathology were noted when this compound was administered (50 µg, 333µg/k.b.wt) for 30 consecutive days by oral gavage. The tissue responses were determined at the end of the 30th day in control and treated rat tissues selected for the purpose and using established methods. Protein content of each tissue changed significantly and the cytotoxic effects of this compound were visible in the histology sections of the treated tissues when viewed under light microscope.


Phytohormone; glucose;diabetes;Protein


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