Saccharification of lignocellulosic wastes by Trichoderma pseudoloningii cellulose

Hasrat Jahan, Anil Rajput, Manmohan Singh, Naveen Kher



A Trichoderma pseudoloningii IMI- 320933 from paper mill waste was found to be capable of saccharifying various pretreated cellulosic agro residues. There was a considerable difference between the saccharification values of untreated and treated substrates. The chemical pretreatment overall showed an increase in saccharification of lignocellulosic substrates between 20% and 48% over physical pretreatment. Out of the various cellulosic substrate used, sugarcane bagasse showed maximum (72%) saccharification followed by wheat straw (59%), cotton stalk (50%) and sisal fibre (44%) under similar set of conditions. The results indicated that the inexpensive lignocellulosic residues can be utilized to achieve high level of reducing sugars which may be further utilised for a long chain of fermentation products.

Keywords: Trichoderma pseudoloningii; cellulosic; fermentation; saccharification


Trichoderma pseudoloningii; cellulosic; fermentation; saccharification

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