Carbon Nanotubes: An Emerging Approach

Sarbjeet Singh Gujral, Smriti Khatri, Poornima Riyal


There are recent discoveries in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology which have indicated that after bringing down the materials in size range of 1-100nm show unique electrical, optical, chemical and pharmaceutical properties. Mono dispersed nano crystals of various metallic and semiconducting materials, single walled and multi walled nano tubes of carbon and other metallic and non metallic materials along with organic nano materials are being made using established methods. These Carbon nano tubes (CNTs) are useful for the different chemical analysis and its detection since it increases the detection sensitivity many times and thus displays a great role in the development of newer methodologies. Several application of these CNT’s are due to its magnificent and outstanding properties but a drawback which is faced commercially is that these CNT’s and CNTs based devices should be of consistent good quality and devoid of any impurity. Such requirement needs purification and regular sorting of CNTs. It is seen in last few years, the major contribution of Carbon Nano tubes (CNTs) is in the field of cancer treatment and drug delivery systems. This review article throws light on the methods of synthesis, with purification ,sorting techniques for giving different grades to different types of CNTs showing very good adsorption properties which in turn helps in the detection of various chemicals etc. and also research carried out using CNTs for cancer treatment is also discussed in brief.


Carbon Nano tubes, Arc Discharge, Drug Delivery, Cancer Treatment


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