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Scientific production of Leishmaniasis in PubMed: Impact of Iranian institutes

E. Fallah, M. H. Biglu


A bibliometric study was carried out to analyze and visualize the scientific production of countries in the field of Leishmania during a period of 10 years. Only scientific profiles published in the journals which indexed in Medline through 2000-2009 were taken under consideration. All data was extracted from PubMed online. The study focused on the scientific production and productivity of Iranian institutes in the field of Leishmania. Analysis of data showed that English consisting 96.3% of total publications’ language is the dominate dominant language of publications. Brazilian authors with contributing 18.2% of total pubications in the field are the most prolific authors during the period of study, followed by authors from USA (16.1%), India (13%), UK (8.4%), Spain (5.6%), France (4.4%), Germany (3.9%), Canada (3.5%), and Iran (2.7%) respectiviely. The journal of “Molecular and biochemical parasitology” is the most productive journal regarding to distributing the great number of publications in the field of Leishmani followed by “Infection and immunity” and “”Experimental parasitology”. Among Iranian institutes “Pasteur Institute of Tehran” with contributing 30.1% of total publications from Iranian institute is the most productive institute in Iran followed by “Tehran University of,Medical Sciences” and “Shiraz University of Medical Sciences” contributing  20.3% and 18.7% of total publications from Iran respectively.

Keywords: Leishmaniasis; Bibliometrics; Scientific production


Leishmaniasis; Bibliometrics; Scientific production

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