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Spectrophotometric estimation of paclitaxel

Prashant Kesarwani, Rakesh K. Tekade, N. K. Jain


A simple, precise and accurate method was developed and validated by using a simple solvent system for paclitaxel (PTX) bulk and tablet dosage form. In the developed method, PBS (phosphate buffer pH-7.4) and methanol was used as solvents. The λmax was determined to be 230 nm. The linearity concentration range was 2-20μg/ml with the correlation coefficient of 0.993. The percentage recovery for PTX was found to be 99.82 to 100.48%.

Keywods: Paclitaxel; Methanol; Absorption Maxima.


Paclitaxel; Methanol; Absorption Maxima.

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