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New generation of orodispersible tablets: recent advances and future propects.

ganesh sheshrao bangale, G V Shinde, B. Stephen Rathinaraj


Now day’s formulation research is breaking barriers of conventional methods. Today, active ingredients can be delivered with a level of convenience, performance and bioavailability never seen in the market place. Fast disintegrating or Mouth dissolving tablet (MDTs) is one such novel approach to increase consumer acceptance by virtue of rapid disintegration, self administration without water or chewing. This novel type of delivery system offers convenience for treatment-resistant population who have difficulty in swallowing unit oral dosage form, namely Tablets and Capsules. These formulations are particularly beneficial to pediatric and geriatric patients. It is estimated that 50 % of the population is affected by dysphagia which results in high incidence of non-compliance and ineffective therapy. The aim of this article is to review the ideal properties, significance, characteristics, limitation, choice of drug candidates, challenges in formulation, approaches for preparation of MDTs, Patented technologies on MDTs, Suitable drug candidates for MDTs, Marketed product of MDTs, and Evaluation tests of MDTs


Fast disintegrating, Mouth Dissolving Tablet, Dysphagia.

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