Recent advancesin the development of novel drug delivery systems for the prophylaxis of malaria

Sahil Kumar, Kulvinder Singh, Rajesh K Singh, DN Prasad, TR Bhardwaj



The present review high-lights the advancement in nanoparticles formulations for the prophylaxis of malaria. An attempt has been made to describe various novel drug delivery systems based on approaches such as polymeric, metallic, natural, chitosan/antisense (AS) and chitosan/sense (S) oligodeoxynucleotide based nanoparticles etc. for the treatment of malaria. The polymer such as chitosan, hydroxyl propyl methyl cellulose and polyvinyl pyrrolidone; the metal like gold and silver and other carriers such as glyceryl-dilaurate, albumin etc. have been explored for the development of novel nanoparticles formulations. These developed nanoparticles formulation have improved the targeted drug delivey of various clinically used antimalarial therapeutic agents such as hydroxychloroquine, curcumin, artemisinin, artemether and lumefantrine etc.


nanoparticles, polymers, malaria,

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