Compartive Modeling of Human Siglec-8 Membrane Protein

Shagunbansali Shagunbansali, Sreenivas Enaganti, Saritha Devaraju, Harikrishna N, Vijay H, Vamsee K, Laxman R, Ramesh S


Many cells are present in our body and play different role. But some cells only involved in the inflammatory process.Siglec-8 is a member of the CD33 Sialicacid binding Ig-like lectins membrane proteins that constitute a distinct subset of the Ig super- family and are characterized by their sequence similarities and abilities to bind sialic acids in glycoproteins and glycolipids . Siglec-8 found predominantly on human eosinophils. Siglec is also present in the airway they involved in the asthma. Thus, it is a potential chemotherapeutic target for asthma treatment. Structure of this enzyme in Homosapiens has not yet been elucidated. We used the structural template of N-Terminal Domains of Native Siglec-5 from Homosapiens for modeling of siglec-8 structure by using Modeller.Thus we analyses and propose the usefulness of the modeled siglec-8 for the design of suitable agonist towards the treatment of asthma.

Keywords: Asthma; Siglec-8; Homo sapiens; Modeler; Homology Modeling;


Asthma; Siglec-8; Homo sapiens; Modeler; Homology Modeling

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