Investigating the phase-solubility and compatibility study of anticancer drug complexed with β-cyclodextrin and HP–β-cyclodextrin

Preeti Dhurve, Atul Tripathi, Bina Gidwani, Amber Vyas



Poor  aqueous  solubility  and  dissolution  rates  are  critical  problems  that  hinders  the  formulation, development  and  delivery  of  most  of  BCS  class  II  and  class  IV  drugs.  Gefitinib  is  a  cytotoxic chemotherapeutic  drug  used  in  treatment  of  cancer.    The  objective  of  the  present  study  was  to investigate  the  drug-cyclodextrin  compatibility  study  by  FTIR  and  DSC  study.  The  phase solubility  study  revealed  formation  of  1:1  stoichiometry  binary  inclusion  complex.  The  complex was  prepared  by  kneading  method.  FT-IR  spectra  provided  the  data  indicating  that  the  HP-β-CD was  more  effective  than  β-CD.  Differential  scanning  calorimetry  thermograms  indicated  stronger amorphization and entrapment of  gefitinib with HP-β-CD.


Keywords – gefitinib, cyclodextrins, complexation, DSC, FTIR.

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