Development and validation of UV-Spectrophotometric method for determination of Enalapril maleate

Sunil Kumar Dubey, Sandeep Kumar, Rajeev J Mudakavi, Swapnil Deshpande, Akash Kumar Jain


The UV spectroscopic method of analysis is widely applicable for routine analytical procedure for determination of chemical compounds. Enalapril shows maximum absorbance at a wavelenght of 207nm, which is used in this study. The method provides a linear response from a quantitation range of 2μg/ml to 28μg/ml in phosphate buffer pH7.2. The method gave satisfactory results in terms of repeatability and intermediate precision (RSD<1.58%). Also accuracy values were very good for both methods, the recovery being between 101.37 to 100.11%. The method was validated and proved to be robust and rugged. The results showed that this method can be used for rapid determination of Enalapril maleate in bulk as well as formulation.

Keywords:- Enalapril; spectroscopic method; peptidyldipeptidase


Enalapril; spectroscopic method; peptidyldipeptidase

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