An evaluation of sub-acute toxicity of Chrozophora senegalenses on albino rats

A. A. Ebbo, S. B. Ibrahim, M .S. Ismaila


Sub-acute toxic effects of the plant Chrozophora senegalenses which has been claimed by the Hausa/Fulani traditional healers to have some medicinal properties like anti-diarrhea, syphilis, typhoid fever and conjunctivitis has been analyzed in this study. The experimental albino rats were administered a graded doses of the aqueous extract orally for 28 days after which the blood and serum samples were collected for hematology and blood chemistry. No significant difference (p>0.05) was observed with regards to all the parameters investigated except for urea and conjugated bilirubin at the highest dose of 1,500mg/kg. It can therefore be concluded that the extract of this plant at a dose less than 1,500mg/kg within the period of 28days is safe in Albino rats.

Keywords- Albino rats, Chrozophora senegalenses, Medicinal properties, Sub-acute toxicity


Albino rats; Chrozophora; senegalenses; Medicinal properties; Sub-acute toxicity

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