A Review: Crinum asiaticum

J. B. Patel, R. D. Dangar, R. R. Dangar, B. H. Patel, D. R. Parmar, K. N. Shah


Crinum asiaticum (Amaryllidaceae) commonly known as Nagdovan in Gujarati is distributed throughout India. The plant is used traditionally in warm infestation. Medicinally, it has been proven to possess various pharmacological activities like antitumour, anti inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiemetic, antiuretic, haemogogue, and anthelmintic activities. Further, studies reveal the presence of various phytochemical constituents mainly phenolics, alkaloids and fatty acids. These studies reveals that Crinum asiaticum is a source of medicinally active compounds and having a various important pharmacological effects so this drug encourage finding its new therapeutic uses.

Keywords: Amaryllidaceae, Antitumor, Crinum asiaticum, Nagdovan.


Amaryllidaceae, Antitumor, Crinum asiaticum, Nagdovan.

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