A new method for synthesis of Theophilidine and its derivatives

Mohammad Ali Jalili, Mansoureh Navidrouyan


Theophiline, caffeine and theobromine are three alkaloids of xanthine group that are useful in different treatments. These compounds can be found in the wide range of the plants. In this study, alkalinehydrolysis of theophiline was done by a new method, and synthesized theophilidine was reacted by alkylhalides. New obtained compounds were identified by analysis method.First theophiline was hydrolyzed by alkaline solution which gave theophilidine with the yield of 52% under certain condition. To obtain new compounds, theophilidine was reacted with alkylhalides and the new compounds were obtained.Separation and identification of theophilidine derivatives were discussed by using IR, NMR, Mass Spectroscopy and element analysis.Alkaline hydrolysis of theophiline causes the breakage of pyrimidine ring at the 1,2 and 1,6 positions. The probability of breakage position 1,2 with notice to the followed reaction (decarboxylation) and formation of theophilidine molecule is more. The temperature and certain concentration of NaOH are essential for this reaction. By applying this new method with notice to the decreased reaction time, the increased yield was obtained.

Keywords: Theophiline, theophilidine, Alkyltheophilidine


Theophiline, theophilidine, Alkyltheophilidine

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