Natural Bioactive Compound with Anticancer Potential

Bijal Patel, Sattwik Das, Ravi Prakash, Mohammad Yasir


Natural product drugs play a dominant role in pharmaceutical care. Nature is an attractive source of new therapeutic candidate compounds as a tremendous chemical diversity is found in millions of species of plants, animals, marine organisms and microorganisms. Several plant-derived compounds are currently successfully employed in cancer treatment. There are many classes of plant-derived cytotoxic natural products studied for further improvement and development of drug. Interest has revived recently in the investigation of medicinal plants to identify novel active phytochemicals that might lead to drug development. New anticancer drugs derived from research on plant antitumor agents will be continuously discovered. The activities of flavonoids and the synergistic action shown by them with other drugs make them ideal in alternative cancer therapies. Induction of apoptosis is commonly reported among emodin and aloe-emodin, which involve disruption of mitochondria membrane potential, cytochrome c release, and activation of caspase 3. Emodin and aloe-emodin were also able to induce cell-cycle arrest, involving an increase in p53 expression level and accompanied by upregulation of p21.

Keywords:-Herbs, Cancer, Flavonides, Anthraquinones


Herbs; Cancer; Flavonides; Anthraquinones

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