Antimycotic activity of some essential oil against keratinophlic fungi

Mamta Gupta


In the present investigation experiment were performed to evaluate the effect of some essential oils on the growth of four test organism i.e., Arthrodermae benhamial, chrysosporium indicum Malbranchea aurantiaca and Microsporium gypseum. Oil of Ocimum basilicum seems to be toxic against A. benhamiae and M. gypseum caused maximum inhibition of 40 mm. Young - Young Oil showed minimum inhibition Zone (9 mm) against A. benhancial and M. aurantiaca.  Among the contituents of essential oil of O. americanum, acetate of Eugenol and Geranyl showed toxic effect against almost all the keratinophilic fungi tested here.


Keratinophilic; Essential oils


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